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Hero Mailman Knows Something Is Wrong When He Sees Infant Alone

By - 3rd May 2019

Have you ever had one of those times when you just know something is wrong? It’s like a sixth sense, and you have to work out what it is? Whether someone walked over your grave or you’ve got a genuine spidey-sense, you know something is up. This hero mailman got that exact feeling when doing his usual rounds, and his quick thinking may have saved a life.

Stephen Garofalo has delivered mail on the same route in Wayne, New Jersey for an impressive 32 years. He is very familiar with the route and the people he meets along it. That could be why he sensed something was out of place on this fateful day.

hero mailman

He never faced any drama on his round, after all, he just delivers mail. That was, until recently.

He noticed a young child wandering in the street with no parents. The two-year-old was on the pathway outside his house and looked considerably panicked. The hero mailman Garofalo knew something was up with the unaccompanied child and immediately took action.

He asked the boy where his mother was, and the child pointed into his home. Garofalo noticed the boy’s worried expression and ran inside to find the child’s mom hunched over a stroller.

hero mailman

She was unconscious and unresponsive. It turned out Stephanie Wilson was having a bad reaction to her medication, but without Garofalo’s quick thinking, it could have been much worse. He called 911 and stayed with Wilson and on the line to the responder until he knew everything was okay. Then, he continued on his round.

Garofalo was humble about his actions but was presented with the Life Saving Award. This is a rare honor from the United States Postal Service to recognise his heroic actions. His coworkers also rewarded him, with a pastrami sandwich.

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