Return to top Hero Hand Made 58 Crosses For Vegas Victims — Before A Miracle From Above, Changed His Life

Hero Hand Made 58 Crosses For Vegas Victims — Before A Miracle From Above, Changed His Life

By - 13th December 2017

Greg Zanis has constructed over 14,000 crosses over the past 20 years, all made for the victims and families of tragic disasters in America. His latest project has hit the headlines for making a difference in the lives of 58 people’s families in Las Vegas, and his message of love triumphing over hate has spread even further. 

Greg is a carpenter by trade and he is on a mission, in his spare time, to help commemorate people whose lives have been taken before their time. Greg created the non-profit organisation, ‘Crosses For Losses’, to create memorials and crosses for anyone who asks. And most of it comes out of his own pocket!

Assisted by the help of a GoFundMe page, Greg created 58 crosses and travelled to Las Vegas to place them behind the infamous ‘Welcome to Las Vegas’ sign, in memory of the innocent people whose lives were recently taken by a gunman. The intention is that the crosses will serve as a place for the people affected to gather and heal and to give hope for the future.

Greg has travelled all over the country in his white pickup truck, delivering crosses to people. But with Greg not being financially well off, it placed a strain on him and his family. Due to Greg’s immense kindness of making a cross for anyone who asks, he barely even has the space to keep them.

I personally asked my dad to stop the crosses, because my parents do not have the means to do this. My family doesn’t have a lot of money. I mean, like, we get food from the food pantry.

But Greg believes love and kindness is the greatest wealth, and he won’t stop as long as there are people who need crosses for their loved ones.

The local people of Las Vegas wanted to thank Greg for his amazing contribution to their community, in such a dark time, so they contacted the FOX5 Surprise Squad. Greg deserved to be paid back for his amazing mission, and so during a live interview, Greg was given a surprise that he never expected and would hopefully help to make his life that bit easier as he continues on his mission.

Watch the video to see how Greg’s incredible generosity has changed the lives of so many people, and how they decided to pay him back for his selflessness. Have a box of tissues at the ready!

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