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Couple Relax By Pool, But Suddenly Freeze As Herd Of Elephants Charge Towards Them

By - 6th August 2018

Picture the scene. You’re on vacation, relaxing by the pool. The sun is shining and you’ve never felt more relaxed. The next thing you know, a herd of elephants are storming directly towards you. You’re probably freaking out a bit – what do they want? 

Well, as it turned out, the herd of elephants just wanted to freshen up on a hot day by drinking directly from the swimming pool. After all, in such hot countries, it can be a long while before you come across a pool of water to drink from.

Some tourists were enjoying relaxing by the pool at Somalisa Tent Camp in Hwange NP, Zimbabwe, when a herd of elephants began walking towards them. Over a dozen elephants walk up, determined to quench their thirst.

herd of elephants

The safari tourists must not have believed their luck as they sat and watched. They were so close to the elephants that they could have touched them.

It is amazing how calm the elephants are; they must be used to seeing tourists all the time. The elephants are wild, but they freely roam around the campsite whenever they want. Maybe they are the ones who are actually taking a trip to take a look at the humans…

As an elephant lover, this would be a dream come true to experience. The couple is so lucky to get so close to the majestic creatures. Although they certainly won’t be running up to them for cuddles any time soon. While the elephants are beautiful, they are still wild animals. It was definitely the best choice for them to stay still and allow the elephants to drink from the pool in peace.

This isn’t the first time that elephants have surprised tourists with a visit to their pool. Recently, at Kruger National Park in South Africa, some hotel guests got a shock when three bull elephants turned up at their private pool for a drink.

It is incredible to see elephants acting so relaxed around humans, considering the terrible way that some humans treat the endangered species.  Ivory poaching is still rife in the world and so we would expect elephants to avoid humans like the plague. But these friendly animals must feel safe around the tourists, understanding that they are in control in their own surroundings.

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