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Parrot Sneaks Through Door, But His ‘Evil Genius’ Impression Is So Good It’s Being Shared By Millions

By - 4th October 2018

For a lot of people, parrots make the perfect pet. They’re very clean, they are quite chirpy and they can make you laugh as they learn phrases. However, sometimes a parrot can go awry when it picks up a phrase or sound that becomes a little sinister or inappropriate. Prepare to witness the magic of hehehe parrot.

In the video below, you can see this sneaky parrot creep his way into a room where the owners have managed to set up a secret camera to film him.

But as the parrot slides his head around the door, we hear him make the most peculiar noise. We think this parrot may be possessed. If not that, then he’s some old-timey super villain from a comic book.

As soon as I heard this tiny bird belt out a huge, sinister laugh, I couldn’t contain myself from laughing. And it seems other people on the internet felt the same way!

Millions can’t get over this sinister parrot’s laugh and took to the internet to voice their thoughts on the hilarious video.

I feel like this parrot knows every secret I have. – Brandon Wu

The gorgeous little bird wanders into the room and gives a maniacal laugh towards the camera. This is the laughter of a menace, either that or his owners have some big belly-roars when it comes to laughing.

The parrot which has been earned the moniker ‘hehehe parrot’ has been watched over 2.8 million times on YouTube

The parrot has caught you in the middle of doing something and is now going to blackmail you into doing his evil bidding – Erik Palomera

Either way, once you get over the trauma of hearing the sinister laughter downstairs, you will want a jolly parrot like this one!

Tonight on ‘noises you will hear before your imminent death'”– belshir rihsleb

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