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Heartbroken Orphaned Baby Elephant — Meets His New Family

By - 3rd November 2016

Rescued orphaned baby elephant’s arrive at the Trust’s Nairobi Nursery severely traumatised by the events that have caused the separation from their mother and family by more often than not extreme circumstances.

Aside from the trauma and shock from such events the infant inevitably enters a period of deep grieving for its lost loved ones, which can last for months. During this critical period, survival hangs in the balance and not all calves can be persuaded to make the effort to try to live. The Nairobi Nursery offers a secure base and a loving environment to nurture these orphans at a time of greatest need.

Over the years and through trial and error Daphne Sheldrick has developed the milk formula needed for successfully rearing a new-born elephant through its first very fragile few months. This special formula must also be combined with the correct intensive and hands-on husbandry, which involves a human ‘family’ (the Keepers) who replace the lost elephant family and stay with the orphans in the Nairobi Nursery 24 hours a day, sleeping with the infants during the night on a rotational basis.

When the elephants are big enough they are placed with families like the one in the video bellow, the reaction this baby orphan gets will leave you with a tear in your eye.


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