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Heartbroken Dog Won’t Stop Cuddling This Pillow After His Brother Died

By - 28th May 2019

Everyone gets sad when they think about their lost loved ones. And it’s no different for pets. But, did you realise that pets also get sad when their friends die? It’s true. This heartbroken dog couldn’t cope with his brother’s death.

Spencer and Rocky were inseparable for 10 years. “They had never spent a night apart,” their owner Beth Fisher said. “Rocky and Spencer slept in the same bed, ate from the same bowl and always walked together when they went out.”

heartbroken dog

Unfortunately, the vet found cancer when performing Rocky’s routine check-up.  Spencer was heartbroken. “Rocky had to get put down that day,” said their mom. “It was hard to process Rocky’s sudden death, but we can’t imagine how hard it must be for Spencer to have lost his little brother.”

“Since Rocky passed, Spencer has been getting up in the night to wander the house looking for his brother,” Fisher said. “And then he starts crying because he can’t find him.”

heartbroken dog

The family kept Rocky’s ashes on the mantlepiece but knew it wasn’t enough. So, they ordered a pillow off the internet, with Rocky’s face printed on it. They hoped it would calm the heartbroken dog. And it seemed to work! Spencer seemed happier and more at ease.

“Spencer has been cuddling into the pillow since it arrived, carrying it from the sofa to his own bed,” Fisher said. “He seems a lot more settled now he’s got something to cuddle into.”

heartbroken dog