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Happy Puppy Can’t Stop Wagging Tail, Despite Hardship She’s Suffered

By - 3rd May 2019

There is nothing more wholesome in the world than a happy puppy. Nothing. I can’t believe you would even try to think of anything else. Anyway, Matilda is no exception. And she might be the happiest puppy you’ve ever seen. But we’ll get to that later. Her story starts in a much more downbeat manner.

Matilda the pit bull arrived at Douglas County Animal Shelter as a happy puppy. Really happy. Won’t stop wagging her tail happy. But this surprised staff, as life hadn’t been kind to her.

happy puppy

She had been living as a stray in Georgia since she was two months old. When she arrived at the shelter, she had worms in her stomach and irritated skin. To put it bluntly, she was in a rough way. But her tail was wagging.

Her positivity encouraged the staff. “She gave the most sweetest kisses,” said Santina Sanders, a volunteer at the shelter. “She was the cutest thing ever.”

Sanders wasn’t the only one to think that. Teresa Bowles-Chiofalo of Pibbles & More Animal Rescue was another to fall in love with the puppy. She took her from the shelter and put her in a foster home.

The happy puppy was so excited by this that her tail didn’t stop wagging for a single second of the car journey. The hour and a half ride flew by with the excitable pup.

happy puppy

Matilda’s new foster mom is Kerrie Rich, who loves her as much as everyone else who has met her. “She wags her tail so hard that she walks crooked,” Rich said.

Matilda is living proof that a happy and positive mindset can help you through even the hardest of times.

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