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Guy Films Wild Fox But Then Gets Too Close And Instantly Regrets It

By - 29th March 2018

There’s a reason why people use the phrases “sly as a fox”. Sure, they look majestic with their slick coat and bushy tails, but a sneaky fox is a master of trickery.

Sure, they look cuddly but they can act quick as a flash as this man found out when he was confronted by an urban fox.

The man spotted the adorable fox wandering through his neighbourhood and it seemed pretty inquisitive. So he crouched down and decided to film the curious creature on Snapchat.

The animal seemed quite intrigued by the man and came up to him calmly while looking around at his surroundings.

This, however, was the sneaky fox’s most talented use of deception. The fox managed to catch the man completely off-guard before he struck.


The sneaky fox managed to trick the man into letting him walk close before he snatched his wallet and ran off into the distance.

Don’t forget to watch this sneaky fox’s quick grab-and-dash in the video below.

But fear not, the guy gave a good chase and by a stroke of luck, the man returned to the scene of the crime the day after and his wallet had luckily been dropped. I think the sneaky fox must have felt some immense guilt.

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