Return to top Man Scolds His Guilty Dog, Bursts Out Laughing When She Says “I’m Sorry” In Funniest Way

Man Scolds His Guilty Dog, Bursts Out Laughing When She Says “I’m Sorry” In Funniest Way

By - 29th May 2018

Now, I don’t need to tell pet owners about how much of a blessing their animals are in their lives. You guys know it, we all know it. A pet can bring a new lease of life to a household, give you companionship when you’re lonely and give you a zest for life and exercise. Sometimes things go wrong, but how do you deal with a guilty pup?

Like most relationships, they have their ups and downs and the same can be said for our pets. Sometimes they can do something that leaves us feeling a little blue.

Ettore the guilty pup begs for forgiveness from her owner

One dog named Ettore found herself in a scenario where she was being told off by her human, Anthony. Though the crime is unknown, Anthony was being quite stern to try and discipline Ettore.

guilty pup
Anthony tried his best to discipline his guilty pup Ettore

But Ettore’s adorable reaction left Anthony struggling to keep a straight face. However, I think Ettore got the message as she appeared to beg for forgiveness profusely.

Their interactions are hilarious as the gorgeous pup acts like a small child trying to be overly affectionate to try and distract from the scolding. It’s fair to say that Ettore managed to make it work in her favour. I mean, how can you stay mad with this lovable creature?

Sure, Ettore knows she’s messed up but she also has the best tactics for forgiveness. Afterall, a hug can fix a lot of problems, so Ettore does her best to throw all her affection and apologies in her owner’s direction.

Do you have an apologetic pup? Does your dog ever ask for forgiveness? Don’t forget to watch this guilty pup beg for forgiveness in the video below. Also, at Happiest we love hearing all of your opinions. So please let us know what you thought of the article in the comment section. ?