Return to top Mom Asks “Who Made This Mess?” – Dog’s Immediate Response Has The Internet Howling

Mom Asks “Who Made This Mess?” – Dog’s Immediate Response Has The Internet Howling

By - 25th May 2018

Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve done something you probably shouldn’t have done? Stealing somebody’s chocolate, spilling a drink on the carpet, forgetting to lock the door? Hopefully, nobody will say anything – which one do you think is the guilty dog?

It would appear that two out of three of these pups were not willing to stay silent. They were willing to throw their friend to the wolves the second they were questioned.

How will m0m find the guilty dog? Only time will tell – or her dogs will do it for her!

If you want honesty and loyalty, man’s best friend have no issue with ratting out one of their own kind. Cody, Murphy and Maggie are all being questioned by their owner. It seems that Maggie may need to find some new friends, she was snitched on pretty quickly into questioning.

guilty dog
Who is the guilty dog? Maggie, Murphy and Cody are all being questioned by their human mom

After Maggie was ratted out almost instantly, their human mom continues to question them just to make sure. But Maggie lets her own guilty dog conscience get the better of her.

Still, it’s hard not to get mad at her, the reactions are utterly priceless and quite human at the same time. In fact, she reminds us of a small child who’s been caught out by her parents. Furthermore, Maggie’s exit from the interrogation makes this all the more humorous.

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