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Man Thanks Guardian Angel After Surviving Lightning Strike

By - 22nd August 2019
lightning strike angel

Some people are just luckier than others. People who win the lottery for instance, or racing drivers who walk away from horrific crashes. This man survived a lightning strike on his way home from work, but he doesn’t put it down to luck. He says a guardian “angel” was looking out for him and saved his life.

Romulus McNeill is a guidance counsellor at a school in South Carolina and was walking to his car during the storm. He thought nothing of it, but lightning struck the ground just inches from where he was standing. He felt it strike near him and was shaken, physically and figuratively. Surveillance camera footage caught every moment.

“Boom, heard a loud noise, I seen a bright flash and felt a little static through my body,” Romulus said. But, he’s lucky to be alive. As his metal umbrella was the tallest thing in the immediate area, lightning should gravitate towards it. He’s lucky that it was only a near miss.

lightning strike angel

“I felt like something did hit me,” he explained. “Something did touch me. I don’t know, I think an angel touched me for sure.”

Maybe an angel was looking out for him. CBS New York weathercaster certainly thinks so. “I think this guy is beyond lucky,” he said. “The number one thing you want to do, if you hear lightning or see lightning, get inside.”

Romulus is sure to take that advice in the future. “If I see lightning,” he said, “no matter where I am, I’m going to spend the night there.”

lightning strike angel

It’s probably best for him not to push his luck, or test his guardian angel’s patience! However, be sure to always be careful in storms, it can be very dangerous.

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