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Grumpy Neighbour’s Furious When Young Family Moving In, Until He Spots Struggling Mum

By - 6th December 2017

Not all neighbours are the kind who will bake pies and deliver baskets of muffins, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t help out their neighbours in their own way. Sometimes the kindest of acts happen when we don’t even realise or expect it, and that’s exactly what this Farmer’s Department Store ad tell us.

Peering through his curtains, huffing and frowning, it’s easy to think that this elderly man is your typical grumpy neighbour. But it turns out that his gruff exterior is hiding a soft centre.

Woken from his nap, he watches the streets outside bustling with commotion from moving vans, playing children and shouting parents, and doesn’t seem impressed at all. But maybe our perception is wrong. As he, one day, hears the shattering of glass, he looks outside his window to see a mom scolding her son for breaking her coffee maker.

Seeing that she is visibly upset, he sets out to cheer her up in a subtle way. Buying a brand new coffee maker from a store, he goes home and makes it appear as though he is throwing it out. He then offers the coffee maker to the mother, pretending that he would throw it out anyway. The mom has no idea what a kind deed he is doing, but her son is on to him.

Witnessing another neighbour in need, he helps a neighbour, struggling with a fussy baby in the sweltering heat, by buying a new fan and making it appear that it is old and used. The little boy’s suspicions are confirmed and he decides to turn the tables on the Secret Santa.

The elderly man had thought nobody had noticed his kind acts, but there is always someone watching and taking note. The young boy returns the favour in the sweetest of ways, making for a truly heartwarming message at any time of the year.

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