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Groomers Create The Perfect Nativity With Dogs And The Pictures Will Make Your Day.

By - 21st December 2017

Your festive season is about to get a whole lot better! We’ve all sat through numerous nativities in schools and churches, and let’s be honest, they get a bit tedious after a while. You’ve seen one once, you’ve seen them all. But this Nativity scene is one that you’ve never seen before and it’s ten times better.

The amazing pet groomers at Wags to Riches in Leicestershire, England, have put their creative caps on and put together a doggy nativity that is sending people all over the internet wild.

With towels for head shawls, the well behaved pups strike a pose as they assume their roles around the manger.

The adorable dogs are some of the clients at Wags to Riches Pet Services, along with the resident dog. I bet when their owners dropped them off, they had no idea they were going to become stars that day.

This isn’t the first time that the owners at the grooming salon have created a canine Christmas story either; they tried it out last year too.

While I can’t imagine the scene that played out would be totally historically accurate, and they probably came off script quite a lot, this certainly is the most entertaining re-telling of the Jesus story in years.

Sadly the role of the baby Jesus was taken by a pottery figurine pup, but I’m sure there are plenty of volunteers out there who would happily play the role of Jesus perfectly. Like one of these little guys…

This is certainly a nativity I would pay to see!

Is this your favourite version of the Nativity story you’ve seen? Leave your thoughts in the comments below and share the Christmas cheer with your friends. ?