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Owners Are Sharing Photos Of Their Gigantic Great Danes, And It’s Unbelievable How Big They Are

By - 22nd November 2018

Dog lovers everywhere all have their own very unique preference when it comes to their canine companions. Some like tiny energetic dogs, others prefer big lazy dogs. However, if most people said that their 175lb dog is a ‘lapdog’ I think people would recoil in shock!

However, you’d be shocked to learn that some Great Danes are surprising fans of the lapdog life…

We all know how big Great Danes can get, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t still be sensitive little souls. Don’t believe us? Fear not, we have compiled a list of our favorite Great Dane pictures that show just how great these big beasts can be.

According to the American Kennel Club, Great Danes currently rank as the 24th most popular dog breed. After seeing these photos, you will see why they’re so darn popular!

Check out our 25 best pictures of Great Danes

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1. Graceful? Maybe not…

2. This adorable dog who looks after his blind best friend

3. Scooby Doo, where are you?!

4. The bigger the dog, the tinier the best friend!

5. Finding a gym buddy

Great Danes

6. Have you seen my basketball?

7. An unlikely friendship

8. A melting pup

9. Wanting to be like one of the humans

10. Yappers can be scary

11. 14-weeks-old and already a big boy!

12. Did I mention they were graceful?

13. Now that’s a lapdog!

14. They went to a shelter for a little dog – then they changed their mind

15. He loves listening to granny’s stories

16. Trying to find a friend?

17. Mother and pup

18. The face this dog pulls every time his human opens the refrigerator

19. The biggest ‘dog bed’


20. This Great Dane found his favourite ‘watering hole’

21. Lapdog?! This dog thinks they’re a parrot…

22. Foster mom for some tiny kittens

23. Bedtimes can be tough

24. Great Dane on a train

25. Time for a piggyback!

How cute are these big beauties? I think I want one of my own now! If you have a Great Dane, please send us your pictures in the comments.

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