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Grandma Video Chats With Family, Then Blindsides Them With Surprise That Leaves Them Lost For Words

By - 23rd November 2017

Thanksgiving is a day when we celebrate the people we have in our lives and the things we are grateful for, such as food on the table, a roof over our head etc. It is always a sad occasion when you live far away from the people you love on a day that you would usually spend with them. So these people decided to surprise their families in the best way possible. 

Three families were preparing to spend the holidays apart as usual; a mother living in Eastern Europe had never met her granddaughter, a father and daughter lived oceans apart, and two brothers hadn’t seen each other in 14 years. Thanks to technology they were able to video chat every Thanksgiving, but never see each other in person.

That’s where Shaw, an internet and cable provider, stepped in, granting them the greatest surprise ever. Under secrecy, the company flew out the grandmother, father, daughter and brother to their family’s hometowns and set up an elaborate plan to shock their relatives.

Shaw renovated a service van for each family member to look just like their living rooms that they would usually sit down in to video call their families. Then the family members sat down and conducted a video chat the same way they normally would with their families on Thanksgiving, only this time, with a trick up their sleeves.

Excusing themselves from the camera momentarily, the travelling family members then exited the vans to walk up to their loved one’s front doors and ring the bell. I think you can imagine the shock and happiness on the family member’s faces as they open up to their family members who they haven’t seen in years.

The video is absolutely heartwarming to watch and it is certainly a Thanksgiving miracle that they would never forget. Watch the video for yourself and prepare for your heart to swell and grin ear to ear as you watch their reactions.

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