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A Googly-Eyed Shelter Kitten Has Stolen The Internet’s Heart

By - 14th August 2019
googly eyed kitten

We all love a kitten. If you don’t, you’re only lying to yourself. And this cute little cat could just change your mind. Kitten-lovers of the world has united behind their love for one particular kitten.

This cute cat came into a shelter in Indiana and the staff noticed it immediately. Yes, it was small and cute, but they were drawn to its eyes. Black cats are hugely popular, one of the most popular breeds of cat, maybe thanks to goths or witches. However, all joking aside, the staff wondered why someone abandoned it in the first place.

googly eyed kitten

The kitten had little googly eyes that followed you around the room. Now, to the staff, this was super cute, but clearly, it was not something its former family wanted. Its little lazy eye makes it look so much cuter, but they weren’t sure if everyone would agree.

Staff were hoping that potential adopters would find it cute, but they just weren’t sure. So, one staff member who had fallen particularly in love with the kitten posted photos online. That’s when it got out of hand.

googly eyed kitten

She posted the photos to Reddit, but soon the response became overwhelming. People loved the cat. They loved its cute fluffy body, round face, and tiny paws. But most of all they loved its googly eyes. What’s more, loads of people offered to adopt it. The comments were so positive and affirming:

“Where is this kitty located? My boyfriend really wants to adopt him!” said one person.

“What a fluff nugget <3”, said another.

“That’s next level cute.”

“What a sweetheart :)”

googly eyed kitten

The comments flooded in, and our googly kitten was soon adopted. It just goes to show, it’s not what’s on the outside that counts!

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