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Why Play Golf On A Course When You Can Play It In A Cathedral?

By - 7th August 2019
cathedral golf

We all love a bit of fun and games, don’t we? Well, this English cathedral is all about fun. Repurposing their vast indoor space, they created an area for families to come and enjoy. No matter your faith or religion, this is a golf course for everyone!

“If you can’t have fun in cathedrals then you don’t know what fun is,” said Reverend Matthew Rushton. And he’s right. Many cathedrals in England charge upwards of £25 (~$30) just to go inside, but Rochester Cathedral s doing things differently.

They don’t want to put anyone off coming to marvel at the architecture or be in the presence of God, so they’ve done something fun! The mini-golf course is open to anyone, regardless of faith, and there is no obligation to attend a religious ceremony while you’re there. They’re just doing something positive for the community in England’s second-oldest cathedral.

“This is about people having fun in the cathedral,” said Reverend Matthew. “Getting people who perhaps haven’t been here before to come into the cathedral.”

cathedral golf

And people love it. Zoe Hill is one such golfer. “I think it’s interesting,” she said. “Trying to get families out and doing things together is a big thing for me.”

“Everyone thinks the youth of today are sat on their phones or their Xboxes,” the mom continued. “So it’s just great to see how many people are coming out today.”

cathedral golf

An anonymous man also loves the idea. “I think it’s bizarre and brilliant!” he said. “It gets people to come and look at a wonderful cathedral, whatever their religion.”

We think it’s a great idea to get everyone out together, in such beautiful surroundings. English cathedrals are known for their architecture, especially stained glass windows. Imagine the chance to play golf under that roof!

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