Return to top 361 Golden Retrievers Met Up In Scotland, The Pictures Will Make Your Day A Thousand Times Better

361 Golden Retrievers Met Up In Scotland, The Pictures Will Make Your Day A Thousand Times Better

By - 23rd July 2018

We think we may just have stumbled upon heaven on Earth. No, we’re serious! It involves sunshine, an old Scottish manor house and a record-breaking amount of golden retrievers roaming around. I told you it sounded like heaven!

If ever you’re feeling down, just remember that this event really did happen. What was the occasion? Well, it was the 150th anniversary of the birth of the Golden Retriever. So to celebrate, people organized an event to get a group of dogs there for the momentous occasion, furthermore, a record-breaking 361 gorgeous pups to turn up.

The event was held in Tomich, Inverness-shire, in Scotland at the Guisachan House. Guisachan House is the ancestral home of the Golden Retriever.

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150 years ago the world was blessed with Golden Retrievers

The story goes that in 1868 a breeding experiment was carried out. It was carried out by Dudley Coutts Marjoribanks (later known as Lord Tweedmouth). Lord Tweedmouth bred a wavy-haired retriever with a golden spaniel and thus, the pups we love so much today were born!

Tweedmouth bred Nous, a wavy-coated retriever with Belle, a Tweed water spaniel, according to the Friends of Guisachan House website.

From that breeding, he kept two yellow females, Primrose and Cowslip, and gave one male, Crocus, to his son, Edward Marjoribanks.

To celebrate this incredible moment in doggy history, people from all over the world gathered to celebrate at the house where it all began.

For many decades it was thought that there was a fourth puppy, Ada, but that was subsequently determined to be erroneous. Ada was from the second mating of Nous and Belle and was given to Lord Tweedmouth’s nephew, the 5th Lord Ilchester, beginning the famous Ilchester line of retrievers. Thus it was the offspring of Nous and Belle that became the foundation of the breed subsequently known as, and now universally loved as, the Golden Retriever.

The event was such a huge success and now people are hoping it will become an anniversary or yearly event.

The 150th has been a roaring success. We’ve gone from 188 golden retrievers at the 2006 gathering, 222 in 2016, to 361 today. We’ve beaten our record on the big anniversary.

The event was a huge success and they broke a record for having 361 golden retrievers at the event. In fact, I just wish we could have been there!

Certainly, these have to be the most gorgeous creatures in the world!

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