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Old Golden Is Having A Nightmare, Now Watch As The Puppy Approaches

By - 25th January 2019

Not that we needed any more reasons to love dogs, but this adorable clip has just about melted our hearts into a puddle. When a Golden Retriever has a nightmare, his new puppy friend took it upon itself to make everything better. 

We all know how unsettling a nightmare can be. We all have them from time to time, leaving us stressed at the time and shaken up when he wake. It always helps to have somebody to cuddle afterward and make you feel safe again.

Luckily for this Golden Retriever, he has someone to comfort him after a nightmare too.

Golden retriever has a nightmare, but he has a tiny friend on hand to help

The fluffy pair is all snuggled up for naptime when suddenly the big dog begins to whine. Its breathing picks up and its belly starts to move dramatically as it whines in distress. It’s very clear it is having an unpleasant dream.

Sensing its friends’ distress, the puppy wakes up and wonders what to do to help. At first, the pup is confused and doesn’t know what to do to help. But eventually, it decides that the best thing it can do is provide comfort. When the pup snuggles up close to its new friend, it is quite possibly one of the purest shows of love ever!

One night I caught my new puppy comforting my older dog during a bad dream. They are quickly becoming new friends.

The gorgeous pair of Goldens may not have known each other very long, but it’s clear to see that they already have a close bond. Please can I have a puppy to cuddle me whenever I have a nightmare?

Watch the adorable video below to see the puppy’s reaction when the golden retriever has a nightmare. Also, we love hearing your thoughts at Happiest, so be sure to leave your comments in the section below. Share this story with your friends to share the love. ?