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Teacher Makes Dolls With Glittery Hearing Aids For Deaf Students

By - 1st October 2019
deaf students

Kids who are deaf barely ever see anyone like them on TV. Nobody in films, none of their toys. If they do see a deaf person on screen, it will only be because they are deaf. Their character is often nothing more than their disability. When, in actual fact, deaf people are more than that. However, the representation is slim. So, a teacher took things into her own hands in order to help her deaf students out.

Twitter user Genesis Politron is the teacher in question, and her work is outstanding. She created these glittery hearing aids for some dolls, so her deaf students could see themselves in their toys.

“I teach preschool and kindergarten for Deaf/Hard of Hearing kids,” she explained. “And my students never see toys that resemble their hearing devices (Hearing Aids/Cochlear Implants), so I added some to our new baby dolls on my own. I wish everyone could see their faces playing with these.”

People loved them, and for good reason. They are amazing, look great, and are helping the kids. Many deaf students struggle to fit in because their hearing aids make them visibly different. But, these dolls should start to change things. They will be less self-conscious about their hearing aids, and other students should be more understanding, too.

deaf students

“Wow this is so cool,” responded another Twitter user. “I used to be so embarrassed of my hearing aids and dolls like these would’ve really helped!”

It just goes to show what a small gesture can do. This teacher is sure to be the students’ favorite, and the praise is well deserved. She does amazing and selfless things to help her students, and everyone should look up to her.

deaf students

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