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Little Girl With Cerebral Palsy Takes First Steps Without Crutches To Celebrate First Day Of School

By - 10th September 2018

A little girl with cerebral palsy has become the newest viral superstar. Why? Because she’s managed to take her first steps unaided on her first day of primary school and it’s so precious to watch.

The determined four-year-old named Millie Bea Hughes, from Carnforth in Lancashire, has melted the hearts of the internet. Millie told her mother that her dreams were to walk through the doors of primary school on her first day all by herself. And boy, did she!

Dressed in her new school uniform, Millie, with determination on her face, takes her first bold steps as she starts at her new school.

Millie’s mom, Natalie, can be seen walking behind Millie in the video (just for safety) while her younger twin brother, Evan, walks in front and encourages her all the way.

Millie was so determined and wanted to do it. It makes me cry every time I watch that video. Evan was encouraging her, you can see his little feet in the clip and hear him ask ‘shall I get your sticks or a toy?’ It makes me really, really proud. She’s come so far with all her physio and Evan always wants to help her.

girl with cerebral palsy

Natalie is really proud of Evan for being so supportive of his twin sister. He’s never once made her feel less-than and he’s permanently trying to boost her confidence.

It’s just nice to see him be there for her and wants her to walk as much as she does.

This little girl with cerebral palsy is determined to walk and live a normal life. And now the whole internet is rooting for her.

Natalie and Millie’s dad, Chris, say the twins have been inseparable since day one. Evan always looks out for his big sister. He wants to make sure she gets to live the same life as him.

They love each other very much and he’ll ask ‘are you ok Millie?’ and try and help her. When we go to the park he makes sure she has a good time and pushes her on the swing which is lovely to see.

In January of this year, Millie had £32,000 Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR). She’s also undergone extensive physical therapy to help her become more mobile. The aim was to make her less reliant on her walking frame.

Before her operation, even the simplest tasks were impossible for Millie. She couldn’t kneel down or move with ease but now she’s much more confident and comfortable.

Yesterday was her first time walking in public unaided. Something made possible by an intensive strength and conditioning course at specialist therapy centre Walk This Way in Perth. She’s struggled with confidence so I’m hoping our next visit there will really help. She’s now able to do things she couldn’t do before the operation and is smashing it – I’m so proud of her.

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