Return to top 11 y/o Boy Playing On Beach Discovers Little Girl Buried Alive In Sand, Immediately Jumps Into Action

11 y/o Boy Playing On Beach Discovers Little Girl Buried Alive In Sand, Immediately Jumps Into Action

By - 10th August 2018

It was just your average family day out at the beach, splashing in the sea, running around and playing in the sand. But the day turned bad when a young boy found a girl trapped in a sand cave.

5-year-old Alyssa Bostic was playing in the sand at the Marina Dunes. Alyssa and her friends had been digging caves out of the sand dunes. That’s when she decided that she’d be able to fit into a hole inside a small cave she had created while digging.

But unfortunately, the sand cave collapsed on top of her once she’d entered it which left her trapped under the sand.

Thankfully, 11-year-old Connor Fitz-Gerald was in the same spot where Alyssa had been buried. He quickly realized something wasn’t quite right. Connor noticed Alyssa’s bag in the sand and immediately he knew something had happened. He began digging only to find there was a little girl buried deep in the sand.

girl trapped in a sand cave

A 5-year-old girl trapped in a sand cave was buried alive and running out of oxygen

Connor looked around in a panic, but when he realized there were no adults around, he had to act fast. He tried to think where her head would be buried in the sand and he aimed to dig that part out first.

Connor managed to pull Alyssa’s body out of the sand but she wasn’t breathing properly. Looking down at the lifeless body, he knew he didn’t have time to panic or get scared, he just had to act fast to save her life.

The young girl was unconscious with sand covering her eyes, mouth, and nose. Luckily, the young boy managed to perform CPR on the girl. He’d never been taught how to do it, so he went with what he saw on TV shows like NCIS and thankfully it worked!

Alyssa’s parents arrived at the scene in horror – they immediately called 911. When paramedics arrived, they said that if it wasn’t for Connor’s quick thinking, this situation could have been fatal. Alyssa has made a full recovery thanks to this brave boy’s quick-thinking.

Connor’s father, Tim Fitz-Gerald, is so proud of his son for remaining calm. The 11-year-old’s quick-thinking saved the little girl.

I am glad he was able to sit back and go, wait a minute something’s going on, there’s not a parent here, I know they’re at least a quarter mile away, I need to do something.

We’re so thankful that Connor was there in time to save the girl trapped in a sand cave. Otherwise, it could have been a very different story.

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