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Girl Takes To The Stage To Sing, But Then Simon Discovers A Huge Secret She’s Been Hiding

By - 1st February 2018

After a long day of watching auditions for America’s Got Talent, the judges were used to seeing the usual talented people come and go. But the monotony of the day took a different turn when Mandy Harvey took to the stage. 29-year-old Mandy Harvey lost her hearing at the age of 18, due to a connective tissue disorder that left her deaf when she got sick and her nerves deteriorated. The idea of losing your hearing in the middle of your life is heartbreaking. Just as she was ready to take on the world, one of her basic instincts was taken away from her.

Mandy had always loved music, she had been singing since she was 4-years-old, writing her own songs and playing instruments. But when she became deaf she gave up on her dreams of a career in the music industry.

But eventually, she discovered a way that she could still enjoy music. Using muscle memory, visual tuners and trusting her pitch, Mandy was able to get back into practicing and performing her music. She also takes off her shoes to feel the vibrations from the speakers for tempo.

The judges and audience are in awe as Mandy begins her original song called ‘Try’. Playing her ukulele and singing in perfect tune, Mandy blows away everybody with the purity of her talent and the emotion of her heart wrenching song.

After the audition is over, Simon is so blown away by her performance that he makes a move that left everybody up on their feet with excitement. I’ve seen this video several times now and every time I am overcome with emotion.

Watch the video below to see Mandy’s beautiful performance. You may need a box of tissues nearby for this one!

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