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Tiny Girl Goes To The Zoo, But She Has One Hilarious Name For ALL The Animals

By - 22nd November 2018

When you are a child, your brain acts as a sponge, soaking up as much information and new things as possible. Colors, numbers, shapes and, of course, animals.

So what place could be better for kids to see their favorite animals in action? The zoo, of course! So that’s just what this parent did, they took their adorable little girl to go see all of the animals.

However, it seemed that the baby girl’s animal knowledge was a little bit muddled by the time she got to the zoo.

This adorable little girl couldn’t wait to see her favorite animals at the zoo, the… puppies?!

In her eyes, it didn’t matter what animal she was looking at – they were all puppies to her. Yes, puppies. This little cutie thought every animal at the zoo was a puppy.

puppy bear zoo
The first ‘puppy’ this little girl spotted at the zoo…

At first, that sounds understandable, dogs have four legs and so do a lot of animals, but when she called an ostrich a puppy I couldn’t help but laugh with a huge smile on my face!

I tell you what, they don’t come much cuter than this, that’s for sure! Watching the little girl spot an animal before saying “puppy!” is cute enough in itself. But then when the parent turns the camera to reveal what animal she’s actually looking at, I couldn’t contain myself.

Can an ostrich be a puppy? Sure, why not!

Did you ever get confused with animals when you were little? What about your children? Do they have any peculiar mixups with wildlife? Who needs lions, tigers, and bears when everything is just a puppy?!

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