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German Shepherd Adopts Baby Pygmy Goat And They’re Best Friends

By - 6th September 2019
pygmy goat and dog

Sometimes we need animals to show us how to care for others. This German Shepherd shows everyone that no matter your differences, we should love each other. I mean, who doesn’t want to cuddle a newborn pygmy goat, especially after a hard day at work?

Shadow is a loveable white german shepherd. First of all, this is a really rare breed, as not many are born with white coats. German shepherds are known for being protective, especially of their young. That’s why they make such loyal pets. They protect their families as much as we would protect them.

However, this particular german shepherd is protecting an adorable pygmy goat. This shows that it isn’t just their puppies that dogs will protect! It is unknown whether Shadow believes the pygmy goat is one of her family or just wants to make friends, but the results are adorable.

pygmy goat and dog

“Introducing two animals of different kingdoms can present itself to be quite the challenge,” the video description explains. “But if performed properly and carefully, it can be a very rewarding experience. Most of the times, people think of how are they going to introduce their adult cat to a puppy or vice versa. But this family had a very unique opportunity – they introduced their pet white Shepherd dog to a baby goat! The aftermath is worth the effort!”

pygmy goat and dog

They are the cutest pair and best friends for life! But, who would have thought that a german shepherd and a pygmy goat would be such good buddies? The owner explains what happened in the video. “For some reason, the goat thinks Shadow is his mommy, and Shadow likes the goat.”

We may never get to the bottom of it! Let us know what you think of these unlikely friends in the comments, and share with your own family and friends!