Return to top Hospital Told 18-Year-Old Her Baby Didn’t Survive, 70 Years Later She Finally Meets Her Daughter

Hospital Told 18-Year-Old Her Baby Didn’t Survive, 70 Years Later She Finally Meets Her Daughter

By - 10th December 2018

At 88 years old, Genevieve Purinton, from North Tampa, finally got to meet a child she never knew she had. For this mother and daughter duo, they shared the most heartfelt hug that was 69 years in the making.

88-year-old Genevieve Purinton lives in an assisted living center in North Tampa. Genevieve was one of eight siblings but all of them had passed away so she lived alone. She also had no children… or so she thought.

However, she did have a baby once in 1949 when she was just 18-years-old. But sadly, doctors told Genevieve that her baby had passed away.

I said I wanted to see the baby. They told me she died.

However, 69 years later, Genevieve Purinton found out something that shocked her to her core.

She was contacted by somebody claiming to be her daughter. Somebody she never even knew she had, walked through the door to meet her for the very first time.

Connie Moultroup traveled up from her home in Vermont to meet the mother she never knew she had.

It’s been a lifetime of wanting this. I remember being 5 years old, wishing I could find my mother.

Connie found out about her mother thanks to a little present she received last Christmas.

She had been gifted an Ancestry DNA kit that led her to what she thought was the name of her mother. But she then found a telephone number of a newly found cousin.

“I said, ‘Here’s my mother’s given name.’ She said, ‘That’s my aunt and she’s still alive.'”

Genevieve was over the moon, she had waited for that hug for 69 years. But Connie wasn’t her only gift, Genevieve now has a daughter, granddaughter and great-grandchildren.

As you can imagine, the pair burst into tears when they first met. “You’re really not dead?!” Genevieve cried. Connie laughed and told her ‘no’ as the two hugged even tighter.

Genevieve Purinton

Since their meeting, Connie and Genevieve spend a lot of time together. Connie has introduced her to her grandchildren and great-grandchildren and she couldn’t be happier.

Though their meeting was way overdue, the two can finally spend the mother-daughter time together that they’ve both been craving.

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