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Garbage Man Picks Up Bag To Throw In Trash, But Suddenly Freezes When He Hears A Muffled Cry

By - 17th January 2018

Time and time again we hear of cruel people abusing, neglecting and discarding of animals in brutal ways. For those of us who love animals, it’s hard to imagine how anyone could do such a thing, but luckily there are people out there who to look out for these unloved animals.

Garbagemen are heroic in their own right; performing an important job to keep our streets clean and free of disease. But one garbageman became a hero in a different way, one day on the job.

Going about his normal day at work, a garbageman in Florida threw a trash bag on the pile into the truck when he noticed something strange. He faintly heard a little squeak come from the bag he had just discarded.

Concerned, he pulled back out the bag and opened it up to find another sealed trash bag inside. Opening up the second black bag, he was shocked to discover what the cry had come from.

Inside was a tiny puppy that couldn’t have been much older than 4-weeks-old.

The poor puppy was crying and shaking, obviously terrified from its ordeal. Thankfully, the small pup was still breathing so the worker retrieved it from the bag and tried to calm it down.

Calling around various rescue organisations, the garbageman was eventually able to hand the puppy to the Redland Rock Pit Abandoned Dogs Project for proper care and rehabilitation. Vice president of the rescue centre, Jessie Pena, collected the dog herself and brought the female puppy back with her for care and attention.

Whoever left her there obviously meant for her to die because she was going to suffocate being inside the other bag that was completely sealed.

They were concerned that the puppy may have suffered brain damage from oxygen deprivation whilst trapped in the airtight bag, but miraculously the puppy was fine. She had a bit of swelling around her head, which was tended to by a veterinarian, and she had a fracture of one of her bones, but otherwise the puppy’s main damage was emotionally.

She wasn’t able to eat, she wasn’t able to walk, she wasn’t able to do anything when we first brought her in.

The 4-week-old dog was far too young to have been taken away from her mother, which in itself was a danger. The baby could have gone into shock from the separation, but instead she proved to be a little fighter.

Pena named the adorable pup Merry, due to her being found just before Christmas.

She’s made a significant improvement; the swelling has gone down about 80 percent. She’s now eating on her own. She is walking in her bed, but she’s not able to walk away from her bed — she doesn’t have that much energy.

Merry is slowly beginning to trust humans again, despite everything she has been through. She is a sweet little puppy, according to the vets who care for her, and all she wants is to be cuddled. She recognises the people who care for her and has begun to roll onto her back to play.

Merry is still in recovery from her injuries and her terrifying ordeal, but for now she is in the care of an experienced foster carer, who she will stay with until she is ready to be adopted.

Merry is now more active, playful and her tail doesn’t stop wagging. It’s truly heartwarming to see because she is a little fighter. Her will to live is incredible.

Merry owes her life to the kind garbageman who discovered her. If it wasn’t for him, she would have had a very different ending to her story. But thankfully, Merry can now look forward to a bright future in the care of someone who loves her.

To help mistreated puppies like Merry, visit Redland Rock Pit Abandoned Dogs Project website.