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15 Hilarious Tweets About ‘Target’ To Reassure You That You’re Not Alone In Your Love For The Store

By - 10th April 2018

You’ve heard of the supermarket called Target, haven’t you? Of course, you have, you probably live there! It’s a bizarre fascination people have and it seems that mums love heading to Target for a nice relaxing shopping trip. But as I’m sure you all know, that trip always turns into a “spree”.

Sure, you go in with the intention of buying some new kitchen towels, before you know it you’ve racked up a $500 bill and you forgot to get the towels.

In fact, it seems some people really love Target to the point where they sent mad tweets about their pure love for the brand.

It would appear that some people really do love Target. Don’t believe us? We have all the evidence you’re going to need thanks to these 15 phenomenal tweets about their favourite place to kick back and spend a buck.

Check out our favourite funny tweets about Target below.

1. It has everything

2. Target knows what you need

3. Drunk shopping is always the best

4. He knows what she wants

5. The best place to meet women…

6. Preach it, sister!

7. “I married the right man.”

8. This looks just like my shopping trips

9. They’re always at Target!

10. One way to conquer a fear

11. We’ve all been there

12. *me unloading a full cart*

13. There’s literally nobody who doesn’t love Target!

14. That’s my evening plans sorted

tweets about Target

15. It’s hard to say goodbye

These guys are the most relatable people in the world. I understand your Target lust! I mean, come on, don’t say you haven’t done it?! Hey, if Target isn’t for you, I’m certain that IKEA will have the same effect!

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