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Snooker Player Is Lining Up Winning Shot, But Then A Loud Fart Erupts In The Audience

By - 12th January 2018

I think most of us worry about farting in a social situation. Sometimes they take you by surprise, like in a pilates class, and sometimes you know they’re coming and just pray they’ll be silent. 

When it comes to growing up, we always remain immature in some ways and a good old fart joke is always funny. So when somebody accidentally lets one slip in a quiet room, there is nothing more hysterical. Not to mention embarrassing for the person involved…

When professional snooker player, Judd Trump, was battling it out in the 2013 Snooker World Championships semifinal he needed to keep complete and utter focus. With a one million pound prize to be won, there was a lot at stake.

As he bent down to line up his shot (one that looks pretty important at that!) a loud noise emerges from the audience. A noise that sounds distinctly like a loud fart.

Trump (no pun intended) immediately stands back up, distracted and trying to stifle his laughter. There’s no way he can take the shot while he is fighting back laughter.

The audience is laughing so loudly that they have to be quietened down by the umpire. It just goes to show that no matter what age you are, a fart sound is still hilarious.

The auditorium struggles to keep composed as Judd Trump tries to line up his shot again, catching themselves grinning and chattering amongst themselves. The umpire doesn’t seem too impressed by the disruption but the commentator is certainly enjoying the funny scene, struggling to professionally describe what is going on. Commentator, you’re allowed to mention that somebody let one rip!

Check out the video below to see the hilarious disruption for yourself. The game probably needed a little something to make it more entertaining anyway…

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