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Zoos Have Started Creating Amazon-Style Reviews Of Animals And It’s The Best Thing You’ll Read Today

By - 8th June 2018

I’m sure when you’ve been looking to find the perfect activity to do with your friends or family or even a fun attraction to visit, you’ll have probably looked at the reviews. Why wouldn’t you? It’s a good way to see how others found an event or place. But it’s not just locations, if you shop on Amazon you’ll have noticed the Amazon reviews on products are a great indicator of a product’s quality.

Oregon Zoo wanted to jump in on the ‘Amazon Reviews’ train. Sure, Oregon Zoo already gets good reviews on TripAdvisor. But why not have a bit of fun and be a little creative?

The Oregon Zoo Twitter account has been creating hilarious fake Amazon Reviews of each of their animals that you can find at their zoo.

It all started with a little otter

Twitter users loved the hilarious ‘reviews’ of the animals, describing them in similar ways to electronic tech and furniture.

Once they started, they couldn’t stop! Next came an owl.

But the fun train just kept on rolling and I’m so glad it did!

This tiny little treat was next to get an Amazon review

The hashtag #RateASpecies was used so that people could find all of the great ratings of animals.

There was quite a variety of species being rated

Aquariums, zoos and other places were more than happy to get in on the act.

Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens wanted to get in on the act with an adorable monkey

Then, Monterey Bay Aquarium posted a glorious review of some jellyfish

The creativity in these reviews is truly spectacular. Who would have thought that a couple of joke tweets from Oregon Zoo would create such a brilliant trend?

Have a look at some of our other favourites, we promise you will not be disappointed.

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How brilliant are these amazing animal Amazon reviews? I would definitely go visit more zoos and aquariums if I’d have read reviews like these. Also, at Happiest we love hearing all of your opinions. So please let us know what you thought of the article in the comment section below. 🐝