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Family Sends Awkward Christmas Cards Every Year For 16 Years, And Each One Is Better Than The Last

By - 11th December 2018

Now that we are fully immersed in the holiday season, I’m sure most of you have started writing your Christmas card list. For some families, they like to go the extra mile and send out some personalized cards to their friends and families. But some people like to send out funny Christmas cards to try and get a laugh.

I’m sure a lot of you will know somebody who takes a family photo each year to send as their Christmas cards to their families. For a lot of people, it’s a pretty standard photo of the family in a festive jumper… But you haven’t met the Bergeron family yet!

Yes, the Bergerons have spent the last 16 years sending out funny Christmas cards with hilarious themes and fancy dress costumes

Honestly, I don’t know where they come up with their ideas, but each year they just keep getting better and better. But I’m sure it gives the photo kiosk staff at JC Penny a good giggle.

Mike Bergeron and his wife Laura thought it would be funny to send a photo to their friends and family of the pair in ugly outfits. The costumes went down well and now it has become an annual tradition. In fact, it’s a tradition that is now going 16 years strong in the Bergeron household.

I can’t tell you if it was me or Laura who thought of it, or even if it evolved between the two of us joking back and forth, but somehow we came up with the idea to dress up as different characters and make their holiday card for everyone we knew. It would be a way to show the people we loved that we were thinking about them during the holidays and also a way to make them smile amidst the chaos and stress of the season.

The themes of the Bergeron’s funny Christmas cards have become a winter phenomenon

We hope you enjoy their festive treats. And don’t forget to tell us which one was your favorite in the comment section.

2003, Forty and Fighting It

This is where their tradition started. Mike kept asking the photographer to shine the light above his head. She kept declining but she was too scared to tell him that it made him look like he was balding – he told her that was what he was aiming for. She had no idea the couple were in costumes.

2004, We’re Dreaming of a White Trash Christmas

When they went to collect the photos, the manager of the JC Penny photobooth told the couple to come back after they had their baby. Mike then explained that his wife wasn’t pregnant, it was a costume and he would not let his pregnant wife smoke or drink while pregnant.

2005, Your Aunt & Uncle Who Live in the Midwest

“Being a Bergeron, I have always known that I would eventually lose my hair. We’re trained from birth to accept the fact that someday our hair will fall out. At the age of 32, it was apparent to me that my days were numbered and if I wanted to make fun of being bald, then this would likely be my last chance before the joke would become reality. I had Laura shave the hair off of the top of my head…and I’ve been bald ever since. I had to walk around with a bald head for a couple of weeks while the card was processing and shipping. When people would ask me why I suddenly shaved all of the hair off of my head, I would give them some made-up excuse like, “I joined a cult” or, “I’m a racist” or, “Chicks really seem to like that Vin Diesel guy, so I thought I’d give it a shot.” Incidentally, one of the other excuses I would give was, “I’m a competitive swimmer and I wanted to shave some time off my laps.” A few years later, I was bartending and my friend Kristine came in. We chatted a bit and then Kristine got up to go to the restroom and her friend says to me, “So, Kristine tells me you’re a swimmer.” Now the question is: How many people are out there who still believe I really joined a cult?”

2006, A Very Special Christmas

“A couple of years before we started this tradition, my friend, Jeremy, worked during the holidays in a photo studio.  If he thought that a family portrait was particularly funny, he would print a copy for himself and put it on display in his living room.  They were all awkward and wonderful in their own way, but there was one photo, in particular, that was so delightfully goofy and uncomfortable that it has always stuck with me.  This card is an effort to recreate the magic of that card.  I’ll be the first to admit that we fall terribly short, but I think it still manages to bring some joy to the holiday season!”

2007, American Gothic Christmas

A modern take on an old classic, this one really is fantastic.

2008, Merry Krishnas

We got started a little late this year, which meant that when we went to JC Penney to take our picture, there was a one hour wait. We walked through the mall and wound up eating dinner in the food court. I only wish that we had brought flowers.

2009, Feliz Navidad

What makes this one a personal favourite of Mike’s funny Christmas cards is at how real he felt it looked. He said on the day of the shoot there was a wait so they wandered around the mall until it was their turn – nobody made eye contact with them.

2010, Olan Mills Family Portrait from 1981

I truly believe they captured the holiday spirit of the awkward 80’s family photos with sheer perfection. 2010 was also the first year they introduced a new family member to their photo troupe – their newborn daughter.

2011, The Unibrows

With the addition of their adorable daughter, Gigi, the family had a new dimension and possibilities for ideas for their funny Christmas cards.

2012, Goth Christmas

This is your legacy, girls…embrace it!

2013, Jazz Hands

Sometimes you catch lightning in a bottle. Look at Laura…bringing it! Look at Gigi…bringing it! And look at Juju…well, protesting (at least she’s consistent). I am truly blessed.

2014, The Holidays Are Such A Drag

This one is utterly genius! Not only does Mike make a hilarious festive wife, Laura actually makes a very convincing man – if that man is a 1980’s car salesman.

2015, Les Modèles (AKA Fashionistas, AKA Euro Trash)

His shoes – $850, her shoes – $950, spending your holiday with the Bergerons – priceless.

2016, Cussin Jerry

This one is both hilarious and adorable. The facial expressions from Mike and Laura are genius. But Gigi and Juju look precious – even if Gigi is picking her nose.

2017, Ginger in Paradise

The hot weather can be tough for redheads, that’s what makes this card brilliant. Complete with bushy ginger hair and hilarious fake sunburns, this funny Christmas card has to be my favorite by far. Look at the names they signed the card with ‘Ruby, Red, Scarlett & Rose’ – genius.

2018, “The West Texans”

funny Christmas cards

As the girls are now getting older, the family wanted to utilize their cuteness. They turned them into ‘Lil Miss West Texas’ and ‘Lil Miss El Paso’ beauty pageant competitors.  They’ve certainly become a sensation and now we can’t wait to see what they’re going to do next year.

The girls have embraced the tradition, especially since they know that we are ‘world famous’ for the cards these days! The holidays are so much fun for a child anyway. This tradition just goes right along with the spirit of the season for them.

Have you ever created your own bizarre Christmas cards? We’d love to see them.

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