Return to top Frustrated By Pup Shedding In Car, Owner Invents Hilarious Doggy Leotards & People Are Cracking Up.

Frustrated By Pup Shedding In Car, Owner Invents Hilarious Doggy Leotards & People Are Cracking Up.

By - 9th August 2017

Animals moulting is never a fun challenge. Much like glitter in a card, it ends up everywhere and takes a real strenuous effort to try and remove it all.

Tyson Walters is one of these humans who have suffered. Tyson is the proud owner of an enormous Saint Bernard named Harley. Tyson absolutely adores his dog, but that doesn’t make him any less frustrated when it comes to taking Harley for a ride in his car:

My car was practically ruined. Harley’s hair would intertwine in the fabric and not want to ever come out. She would shake and the hair would just explode off her and disperse throughout the car.

Sounds like a story you all recognise? Well, now it’s gotten to the point where Tyson started day-dreaming about a gadget to prevent his pooch from shedding. “I couldn’t find a solution. So I decided to make one.”

That’s when Tyson invented the Shed Defender. Now, for those of you curious as to what this product is, it’s basically a doggy-leotard and it’s incredible!

Tyson’s Shed Defender completely covers your dog’s neck, middle, and limbs, leaving only the fur on the face, feet, and tail exposed. It’s completely solved Tyson’s many issues with shedding from his furry friend, Harley. Now pet owners are trying it out for themselves.

Fear not, the outfit is not for your dog to wear all the time; you choose when you want them to wear it. You may use it for car journeys or if you’ve just had the carpet vacuumed. You may even choose to use it outside to prevent your dog picking up dirt and allergens.

 Your pet won’t overheat, according to the website; ‘The Shed Defender is made out of lightweight, breathable, stretchy athletic mesh… It is a unique eco-friendly fibre, partly recycled fabric.‘ Crisis averted!

Have a gander at some of these spandex wonder dogs and have a chuckle. Also, don’t feel like this is a shameful advert as a portion of all sales go to an animal shelter local to Tyson Walters which we think is a pretty awesome thing!

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