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Family Find Frozen Kitten In The Snow – Then They Watch In Awe As A Miracle Happens

By - 30th November 2018

By now, you’ve probably all learnt that we love a good animal rescue at Happiest. There’s something really touching about seeing people put animals first to try and help them out. Well, we have another beautiful story of rescue and love – this time, it’s a tiny frozen kitten who was in dire need of aid.

While out playing in the snow with his family, one child spotted something strange. They found a tiny frozen kitten in the snow – he was completely still and they didn’t know if he was dead or alive.

It was a day of Thanksgiving when the family decided to play out in the snow, all of a sudden, one of the children shouted to their dad, Justin, “There’s a dead cat over here”.

Justin ran over and picked up the cat to try and see if it was alive. The cat’s eyes were wide open but he was completely still. They rushed the cat inside to try and give it CPR and warm him up. They managed to find a very slow heartbeat.

Thankfully, they managed to get the little cat breathing again by applying gentle compressions on the cat’s chest. They decided to call the little cat Lazarus after Saint Lazarus who was brought back to life by Jesus 4 days after he died.

frozen kitten

But what were the family going to do with little Lazarus the frozen kitten?

They couldn’t find a family for the frozen kitten and he didn’t have a collar. Justin and his family knew they couldn’t just let the cat roam around alone. Thankfully, Justin’s brother Brandon decided to adopt the little cat.

It took the family a while to rehabilitate the cat. He was very nervous and drowsy. Eventually, they managed to start feeding him properly and he started to perk up. Now he’s like any other cat, full of life and love.

frozen kitten

The gorgeous white cat adapted to family life very quickly and Brandon’s family can’t imagine living another day without this little feline.

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