Return to top Mischievous Seal Pup Emerges From The Sea, And Plants Massive Kiss On Unsuspecting Snorkeler

Mischievous Seal Pup Emerges From The Sea, And Plants Massive Kiss On Unsuspecting Snorkeler

By - 29th August 2018

There are said to be between 700,000 – 1 million species living in the Earth’s oceans. Some creatures are scary, others are our friends and many still haven’t even been discovered or studied yet! For one snorkeler, he found himself bonding with a gorgeous and very friendly sea lion.

The footage was filmed off the coast of Puerto Madryn, a beautiful city in Argentina. According to The Crazy Tourist, Puerto Madryn’s coast is full of friendly sea life with many dolphins, penguins, whales and sea lions to see.

Though the site does state that seals and sea lions can be aggressive on land, they’re rather friendly and docile in the water. They tend to playfully engage with humans and at times, they can get rather friendly and intimate in some instances.

A friendly sea lion decided to welcome a tourist to his habitat with a few friendly hugs and kisses

One snorkeler found himself swimming with a little more than just the fishes he planned on seeing. In fact, this creature was far bigger than a fish.

For many people out there, getting the opportunity to swim with such a gorgeous and friendly creature is only a pipedream, but for this snorkeler, it was made a reality. And I can’t pretend I’m not jealous – because I definitely am!

You can see the sea lion plant a few kisses on his cheek and even have a nibble on his goggles. The sea pup certainly seems friendly and he loves hugging his new ocean pal. Honestly, it’s a match made in heaven.

It’s not long before more of the seal pup’s friends came along to meet the human visitors. It is the most incredible scene as the snorkelers interact with the seals – it is a once in a lifetime experience, that’s for sure.

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