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Tiny Puppy Isn’t Allowed To Sit On The Couch – But His Response Has The Internet Howling

By - 25th September 2018

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes and every dog has its own unique personality. Some dogs love hugs, others like chasing balls, others are greedy and some love begging. This French bulldog whining to be let on the couch has to be one of the cutest and funniest videos we’ve seen.

You can see this adorable little pup begging their human to let them on the couch. This tiny canine companion is too small to jump on the sofa and his reaction is hilarious!

All this little pup wanted to do was to be able to sit on the couch with his human. But that was like climbing a mountain! Pretty quickly, the French Bulldog realized he was too small to hop up onto the couch. So what did he do? He started moaning and screaming.

This French Bulldog whining to get on the couch almost sounds like a small child

French Bulldog whining
This French Bulldog keeps screaming like a toddler because he can’t get up on the couch. If you close your eyes, it sounds like a human.

The little creature had been playing and running around the house all day. Now, all this Frenchie wanted to do was have a nap on the couch – but that was the biggest hurdle of all.

Immediately, you can see his frustration levels rising before he starts screaming and whining. In some parts, he actually sounds like a toddler having a tantrum. Just wait till he kicks off towards the end, just like a frustrated toddler. It’s hilarious!

If you close your eyes, you would actually think this canine companion is a small child. I just wish we had one of our own, he’s so precious.

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