Return to top After 9 Years Trapped In Puppy Mill, Dog Finally Gets His Own Bed And He Can’t Believe His Luck

After 9 Years Trapped In Puppy Mill, Dog Finally Gets His Own Bed And He Can’t Believe His Luck

By - 25th May 2018

Not all creatures have had the best start in life sadly. Freddie the Chihuahua, unfortunately, is one of them. For the past 9 years of his life, Freddie’s been confined to four walls of a very cramped wire cage.

He was a dog used for breeding purposes so he’d been locked away his entire life. Freddie rarely got the opportunity to go outside and never had the experience of being part of a loving family.

Freddie the Chihuahua has lived a pretty unfortunate life

Over the years, he’s fathered hundreds of puppies that he never got to meet. But things don’t last forever, Freddie’s owner wanted to get rid of him because he was too old to breed anymore.

Last weekend, the National Mill Dog Rescue (NMDR) took in Freddie and 34 other dogs from a puppy mill in the Midwest. The Midwest is where many of the United States’ most large-scale breeding operations are based.

Freddie, like most dogs rescued from the mills, was very shy at first. But it wasn’t long before he was enjoying the kisses and cuddles from his rescuers.

Throughout the years of neglect, Freddie’s dental care had been thoroughly ignored. As a result, Freddie is missing all of his teeth.

Theresa Strader, the founder of NMDR, said, “Life in a cage takes a heavy toll on dogs, both physically and emotionally,”

Freddie the Chihuahua

“Many of our dogs require extensive rehabilitation before they are ready to become family members, [but] Freddie certainly has a resilient spirit. He is a spunky little guy.”

Despite his many misfortunes, Freddie the Chihuahua has a lot of love to give

Freddie’s lovable personality shone through when Theresa gave him his very first bed. It was a symbolic moment for Freddie (and most rescued mill dogs) as it shows one of the first good deeds to come their way.

For old dogs like Freddie who’ve been trapped in breeding mills their whole lives, they can grow up depressed and fearful of people.

Freddie the Chihuahua

“It’s heartbreaking to realize they have been denied the very basics until now,”

When Theresa first stepped foot into Freddie’s pen at the rescue centre, she placed the bed down on the floor. Freddie didn’t know what to do so he just stared at it.

Freddie’s tail was tucked between his legs, but it was still wagging at the same time. Strader placed Freddie into the bed and instantly he started snuggling into it.

Freddie the Chihuahua

“Other dogs can be more cautious and have no idea what a soft bed is for, but they learn very quickly. Freddie snuggled in from the beginning, like he knew that this was just one of many perks he will experience [now].”

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