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Frank Sinatra Sings Elvis’ Song But When He Joins In It Turns Into Incredible Mash-up

By - 26th February 2018

Even long after they’re gone, Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley still continue to have a pretty large legion of fans. And why wouldn’t they? They’re both legends in their own right.

But once upon a time, they performed an excellent little duet that sent the audience (and viewers watching at home) into a frenzy!

Not only have their legacies spanned generations, their music is still widely appreciated today by people who weren’t even alive when they were performing.

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The duo performed on The Frank Sinatra Timex Show: Welcome Home Elvis was a special in 1960 that celebrated him in his first television appearance since returning from the military in West Germany.

The pair performed an excellent mashup of their iconic songs with Elvis singing Frank Sinatra’s 1957 chart hit ‘Witchcraft’ and Frank Sinatra sang Presley’s 1956 smash hit ‘Love Me Tender’.

This mash-up noticeably sent the studio audience into a fit of teenage lust. You can hear the audience scream as Elvis opens his mouth.

It’s a beautiful interaction between two friends. You get to see their personalities shine and their natural swagger help swoon the nation.

With Frank Sinatra’s notorious charm and Elvis Presley’s sex-appeal, the pair makes an unbelievable force. We need to find another duo as great as this.

Don’t forget to watch Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley’s duet in the video below.

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