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Tiny Kitten Who Couldn’t Grow Finally Finds Someone To Love Him, Now Look How Happy He Is

By - 11th October 2018

If there’s one thing cuter than a cat, it’s a teeny tiny kitten. For a lot of people, I know they think about what it would be like if a cat could stay as a kitten forever. Well, for one woman, that kind of happened.

Francis the tuxedo cat was the size of a newborn kitten when he first came to NOVA Cat Clinic at just three weeks old. However, his siblings all weighed around 10 ounces or more, but he was less than half their size!

Ellen Carozza, a Feline Licensed Veterinary Technician, decided to take Francis home to foster after his initial exam. The tiny kitten may have been weak, but he was a fighter for sure!

From day one he proved to be a big eater and he loved the attention and affection of others. The tiny kitten would meow non-stop until his caretaker picked him up and cuddled him.

For a while, they worried that Francis may have some health issues that stunted his growth.

After speaking to several specialists, he is not hypothyroid due to confirmed additional tests but may have a growth hormone deficiency. He has multiple issues we are working on, not just him being small.

But don’t worry, what Francis lacks in size, he certainly makes up for with his outgoing and adorable personality. This tiny kitten knows how to turn heads and make everybody fall in love with him.

Even when Francis was six-weeks-old, he still was the size of a three-month-old cat. But that didn’t matter to Ellen or her family.

Ellen and her family fell in love with the tiny kitten and they adopted him when he was eight weeks old.

Ellen now takes Francis into the NOVA Cat Clinic’s foundation, The Chris Griffey Memorial Feline Foundation. The foundation gives neonatal or special needs cats like Francis the care they need to survive and grow.

Whenever the foundation gets foster cats, Francis will go to keep them company. He gives them lots of cuddles and spends time with the other cats to make them feel safe and happy.

Francis is 13 weeks and Chesham (the calico) is 18 weeks. He is half her size but has the correct mental and emotional behaviours for his age. We do not plan to pursue why he is small, as he is healthy.

A little bit of love certainly goes a long way. Ellen couldn’t be happier with her new best feline friend.

Patience, perseverance and patient advocacy saved his life. Never give up on your most difficult cases, someone is out there to help you.

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