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Female Officer Receives First Salute From Proud Grandpa, The Video Is A Tearjerker

By - 16th November 2018

For most people in life, our grandparents are (or were) the biggest supporters of all that we wanted to do in life. They love their grandchildren. In fact, my grandma has a jokey sign in her house that says, “If I knew how amazing grandchildren were, I’d have had them first”.

Most of us have been spoilt rotten by our grandma, whether it be sweets, or playing outside with grandpa. They love to see us achieve and they’ll help us out in any way they can with pride and adoration.

In this video below, we see a truly heart-warming moment shared between a grandpa and his beloved granddaughter. In fact, it’s left a lot of people struggling to hold back tears.

The emotional exchange shows the Marine officer receiving her first salute from a very special person – her grandpa.

former marine hugs his granddaughter

 Staff Sgt. Williams, requests permission, ma’am, to hug his granddaughter, 2nd Lt. Charlotte Williams.

Watching the moment this former marine hugs his granddaughter is all too sweet.

Charlotte politely saluted her grandfather with pride while she wore her uniform. You could see the glint in his eye that he, too, was very proud of his granddaughter. 2nd Lt. Charlotte Williams then says to her grandpa, “Permission granted” and the two hug.

You see, Charlotte’s grandpa, James Williams, is a retired Marine staff sergeant himself. He, of course, is very proud of his granddaughter’s achievements and that she followed closely in his footsteps.

For this reason, he desperately wanted to be the first person to salute her as she stood outside the National Museum of the Marine Corps in Quantico, Virginia.

We think this is such a sweet exchange between a former Marine and a new recruit. It’s made even more special because of their family bond.

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