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Whole Football Team Surprises Boy At His 9th Birthday Party

By - 31st July 2019
football team surprise

There’s nothing worse than nobody turning up to your birthday party. It’s alright as an adult – sometimes a relief, in fact – as you can just crack open a glass of wine and watch telly. But, for a kid, it is incredibly upsetting. There’s no worse shame than having nobody turn up to your party. 9-year-old Christian Larsen thought that would happen to him until a football team gave him the surprise of his life.

Christian has a few friends at school, but when he gave out the invites to his party, he thinks he went a bit over the top. “I was like ‘please come to my party, pleeeease'”, he said. “I was like that. Because of that face to face interaction, I think they were a little disgusted and weirded out.” Only one of his friends responded to the invite.

However, his mom wasn’t giving up that easily. She knew that Christian’s autism came across as strange to other kids, but he wasn’t having an empty party. Lindsay Larsen posted the invite to Facebook, in the hope that some of her friends’ kids would come. But, the response shocked even her. A local football coach responded, saying his players would come along. “At first I was a bit worried because I wasn’t sure how Christian would react, I wasn’t sure if the players would even want to be there,” she said. “It’s worse to have people at a party who don’t want to be at a party than to not have them there at all.”

football team surprise

“I was trying to think if there was a way I could bow out. But then [the coach] wrote to me and he sounded so sincere. And he said that his players really wanted to come.”

The football team turned up and surprised Christian. He was over the moon! They even brought him a present, his own football. They played and had a great time, and have arranged to meet up for another game soon. The football team really made his birthday special.

football team surprise

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