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Man Saves Tiny Foal Stuck On Highway And Reunites With Worried Mom, Watch How She Says Thank You

By - 30th July 2018

Mothers all over the animal kingdom become distressed when they are separated from their babies. Luckily for this horse mama, a kind man was on hand to reunite her with her foal who had wandered too far in this daring foal rescue.

A young foal wandered away from its mother and got into a rather sticky situation. Somehow, the foal had managed to wander onto a highway and got stuck. The little one trotted up and down the highway, narrowly missing a passing car.

The little foal could have easily been hit by the car, but thankfully they stopped to check on the lost baby.

foal rescue

Behind the walls of the highway, they could see the distressed mother horse trying to get to her baby. Goodness knows how the foal had made its way past the metal bars. Maybe it had squeezed underneath and forgotten how to get back to its mom.

With the fence in the way, the foal and its mother gazed at each other longingly, growing increasingly distressed by their separation. That’s when the passing strangers decided to step in to help.

Horses are known for being very protective of their young and it can be especially dangerous to get too close. However, in this situation, there was little choice. If they didn’t act, then the foal could be stuck and suffer an upsetting fate if another passing car didn’t stop in time.

foal rescue

Carefully, the man approached the foal and gently picked it up. Mama horse watched on as he lifted the foal over the fence and eventually reunited her with her mischievous child.

I’m sure the foal didn’t get too bad a scolding off its mother; she will have just been happy to have it back with her, safely.

Watch the daring rescue of the foal rescue in the video below. It’s safe to say that the mother horse was extremely grateful for the man’s help. Share this wonderful video with your friends to brighten up their day. Also, we love hearing your thoughts here at Happiest, so be sure to leave your comments in the section below. ?