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Flower Girl’s Wedding Dance Has Guests In Stitches — When The Song Changes, Watch Her Face

By - 4th December 2017

When your favourite song comes on at a party, it’s mandatory that you get up and dance, no matter your age. And it was no different for this little flower girl when her favourite song came on at a wedding and she couldn’t control her dancing feet. Her moves ended up stealing the show! 

As ‘Baby’ by Justin Beiber plays, the little flower girl can’t help but feel the music as she moves her shoulders and wiggles her hips in time to the beat. She obviously loves the song as she takes over the dance floor with her excellent dance moves.


Other wedding guests try to join the girl in her energetic dance, but they are no match for her as she commands the room. But when the music changes to ‘Gangnam Style’ the whole mood shifts as she starts performing the famous routine, making the crowd go wild.


The wedding guests are thrilled and impressed as the little girl lassoes her way around the dance floor, never letting up on her energy throughout the whole song. It is especially funny to see the small girl, dressed so beautifully in her wedding attire, demonstrating her swag as she entertains the guests with her hilarious moves.

The bride and groom didn’t have to bother hiring entertainment for the evening; they got a free show in their flower girl. The guests are loving every second watching the little girl’s infectious spirit light up the dance floor. I bet that her moves managed to get more people up and dancing eventually.

Watch the video for yourself to see the hilarious moment where the beat drops and the flower girl captivates the room with her dancing. We could all take a tip from her when it comes to lighting up the dance floor.

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