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When Plane Is Stuck On Runway 45 Minutes, Woman Grabs Her Phone To Prove What The Crew Is Up To

By - 15th November 2018

There are around 14,000 commercial planes whizzing off into the skies and that number is increasing every year. But with more and more taking off each year, that can cause delays with the lack of runway space. A flight delay has now become a regular part of commercial air travel.

But it’s not always the surge of other planes that causes delays, sometimes it can be the passengers onboard that cause some of the problems. But this delay wasn’t caused by an angry passenger, in fact, it was quite the opposite.

Kristen Wiley snapped a picture of what happened on her flight after they were sat on the tarmac for around 45 minutes after they should have taken off.

Kristen had found herself stuck inside Alaska Airlines Flight 748 on the Seattle-Tacoma airport tarmac the other day.

Her plane hadn’t moved an inch since boarding. But there was a reason why there was a flight delay.

We are currently sitting on a plane, with a 45 minute delay. Why? Because there is an elderly woman suffering from dementia, who is very upset and confused.

Now, I must stress, Kristen wasn’t angry at the old lady, or at the delay. In fact, she was very moved by how well the flight staff had handled the situation.

Kristen knew full well that the situation must have been quite scary for the old lady when a security guard in a yellow vest boarded the plane and approached her seat. It was only the nearby passengers who knew exactly what was going on.

The elderly woman seemed quite confused and bewildered. As she sat in her seat, she cuddled her emotional support dog tightly in the hopes of being able to calm herself from the chaos of her surroundings. For somebody with dementia, a plane can be a terrifying and very baffling place to be.

The incredible staff of #alaskaairlines is being extremely patient and compassionate, in what can only be a very scary situation for her. Explaining every step, cuddling her dog, working with her husband/caregiver to find the best solution.

Kristen was so thrilled about the way the staff handled the flight delay.

We’re glad the crew didn’t escort her off the flight for being ‘difficult’, instead, they stayed with her till she felt reassured and comfortable. The flight attendants were compassionate and kind, they let passengers know that there would be a small delay and when people learned about what had happened, nobody seemed to mind.

Alaska Airlines calmly assisted the woman, her husband/caregiver and sweet pup off the plane, providing hotel and transportation with plans to rest up and try again the following day. Again, incredible compassion given to the both of them while quietly explaining the situation to other passengers.

Airlines have been getting quite a bad rap recently, so hearing a story like this is really touching. Kristen wanted to share her thoughts online to let people know that human kindness still exists.

This is how I would want my mother, my sister, my aunt, my daughter, my niece, my friend cared for. 

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