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Waiting An Hour For A Famous Train To Pass By… Ends In Tragedy!

By - 5th September 2017

Standing behind a safety barrier this group of trainspotters waited to catch a glimpse of the famous Flying Scotsman.

But the moment they had been looking forward to was tragically, but rather hilariously ruined.

One of the disappointed men can be heard saying “Oh, bloody hell!”, as the famous locomotive was eclipsed in hilarious fashion.

The trainspotters had been eagerly waiting at a level crossing in Offord Cluny, Huntingdonshire in England for an hour when the train approached.

They had their cameras set up in the perfect position to capture the moment but at the very worst moment possible… Disaster struck!

The highlight of the video is the way in which they react, It has to be the most English response to disappointment I’ve ever come across.

We’re definitely not laughing at them though, we’re laughing with them! They have had a great sense of humour and posted the video for us all to enjoy. We can’t thank them enough for making such great lemonade out of their unfortunate lemons.

You can watch the hilarious clip below, if it made you chuckle please share and let us know what you think in the comments section below.🐝