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Nala The Service Dog Meets Her Favorite Disney Princess

By - 12th August 2019
nala service dog

A service dog is hugely important to its owner, even more so than a regular dog. They help with all manner of disabilities, from helping blind people navigate to getting autistic people their medicine. They also cover everything in between. So, it’s only fitting that they sometimes get a treat themselves, and Nala is no different!

Nala is a responsible and diligent service dog for Megan Leigh and carries out medical response tasks for her. The way they both love to relax the most is at Disney World. Nala and Leigh are season pass holders and visit the park on regular occasions. They even have matching Mickey mouse ears!

“I have always loved Disney,” Megan says. “Before I got a service dog, my health would get in the way of me travelling independently. So now I can go to Disney and enjoy myself because Nala helps me be more independent.”

nala service dog

Nala can do most things at the park, including going on rides and meeting her favorite characters!

“They can go on any rides with their handler as long as they don’t have a height requirement,” Megan says. “Her favorite ride is the People Mover because she can feel the wind in her face!”

nala service dog

“Her favorite parts of Disney would be going to the Magic Kingdom. She loves doing character meet-and-greets as her ‘Go say hi’ command is a fun reward for her. Meeting the princesses is a favorite!”

nala service dog

Some of the princesses recognise Nala, and she is treated like a celebrity. She loves all the princesses, but her favorite is Ariel, even if Cinderella gives the best belly rubs!

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