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Watch This Rubik’s Cube World Record Holder Explain How He Does It

By - 17th May 2019

Did you ever have a Rubik’s Cube as a kid? We certainly did. And if you’re anything like us, you never, ever, finished one. Well, that’s without peeling the stickers off and sticking them back on perfectly.

It has always amazed us that some people can complete a Rubik’s Cube at all, let alone in record times. Feliks Zemdigs is a record-holding “speedcuber” (someone who solves Rubik’s Cubes fast). His world record at solving the notoriously difficult puzzle is 4.73 seconds.

4.73 seconds. That is, quite frankly, ridiculous.

You will have to know some important slang for the video. He talks about the “OLL”, which is the Orientation of the Last Layer. This is a key tactic for solving puzzles using the CFOP method. Honestly, it’s all pretty confusing.

However, the only way to fully understand is to watch the video. Feliks is very good at explaining what he’s doing, so maybe with some practise you can use his tips and get good.

There are a number of tactics that Feliks used, including making “crosses” and corner pairs to solve the puzzle. However, he said that he made a couple of “lock-ups” and “over-rotations”, meaning that he believes he could have solved it even faster. And maybe someone else will.

However, we can all agree that Faliks’ skills are incredible. It’s no wonder the man holds eight world records, including the record for solving a Rubik’s Cube with one hand.

Who knew Rubik’s Cubes were so competitive? There are World Championships hosted across the globe every year. The world of speedcubing moves fast, and records are broken all the time. Scientists have even built a robot that solves a Rubik’s Cube (standard 3×3 size) in under a second!

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