Return to top Elderly Man Wants To Be Alone, Stranger Asks If They Can Sit With Him And Teaches Him A Valuable Lesson

Elderly Man Wants To Be Alone, Stranger Asks If They Can Sit With Him And Teaches Him A Valuable Lesson

By - 1st June 2018

Once upon a time in our lives, making friends was a simple game. We used to make new friends daily and talk to anyone and everyone. But the older you get, the more difficult and time consuming it can be to have social interactions with other humans. These kids befriend strangers to brighten people’s days.

Over 50% of adults in the UK say it’s been a long time since they made a memorable connection or new friend. Which when you think about it, it’s actually quite sad.

We’re too wrapped up in our own lives and adult responsibilities that we can end up feeling quite alone. But can we learn from the experts? Of course, we can. But who are they?

It’s time to let kids befriend strangers

Children, unsurprisingly, are great at breaking down social barriers, furthermore, they’re warm personalities make them great conversationalists.

Be More Us is a movement that aims to celebrate the small moments of life’s everyday connections. Everything from holding a door open for a stranger, saying hello to somebody in your local supermarket or smiling at someone on public transport.

The movement wants to inspire people of all ages to celebrate the little things in life. Each and every conversation can spark a new friendship or meaningful connection with somebody new.

Don’t be a stranger, get to know people and together we can try and make the world a much happier and more social place.

The kids in this video showcase what a more social world could look like. They’re let loose in a coffee shop to befriend people who are sitting alone to see if they want to have a chat.

The kids really seem to have an impact on the adults. Who would have thought that letting kids befriend strangers in a coffee shop would make people so happy?

In fact, they have some awesome words of wisdom for everybody. And in case you’re still having any doubts, remember;

“Making friends is easier than eating chocolate.”

Hopefully, you all get a little inspired by these awesome tiny humans. I know I have been. If somebody looks a little lonely, why not throw a smile or a simple “hello” in their direction. It could be a new friend in the making.

Don’t forget to watch the Be More Us campaign below where young kids befriend strangers in the video below. Also, at Happiest we love hearing all of your opinions. So please let us know what you thought of the article in the comment section below. 🐝