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Family Rescue Humpback Whale From Certain Death, Afterward She Says ‘Thank You’ In Most Incredible Way

By - 6th July 2018

While out for a sail, Michael Fishbach, the co-founder of The Great Whale Conservancy (GWC) and his team came across something they didn’t want to see. They knew they needed to take part in a humpback whale rescue.

At first, they all believed that the giant humpback whale was dead; it was tangled up in local fishermen’s nets. But then it suddenly rolled slightly to force out a huge breath from its blowhole.

The gentle giant was unable to swim as its fins and tail were completely trapped in the netting. The humans on the boat knew they had to act fast in order to perform a swift rescue.

The humpback whale rescue was a go!

Speed was a priority. They knew the whale wouldn’t be able to survive much longer without being able to move. Floating 15 feet below the surface, it was struggling to breathe.

It was a challenging task to keep the whale calm and steady while they used a single knife to cut through the netting. At one point, the whale started swimming and the crew was pulled along for over half a mile before they could continue to cut through the net.

They named the whale Valentina after they managed to save her. Valentina knew throughout the process that the humans weren’t there to harm her, they were there to help.

When they managed to save her, Valentina swam off into the distance to celebrate her newfound freedom. But before she swam away for good, she had to thank her rescuers. For the next hour, Valentina performed a series of glorious praises to show the humans how thankful she was for their help.

Mommy, I know what she’s doing. She’s showing us that she’s all free.

The video below is narrated by Michael Fishbach. He recounts the story of how he and his team managed to save this magnificent creature.

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