Return to top Terminally Ill One-Eyed Dog Gets Bucket List Wish Granted, Becomes K-9 Officer For A Day

Terminally Ill One-Eyed Dog Gets Bucket List Wish Granted, Becomes K-9 Officer For A Day

By - 2nd November 2018

There’s nothing sadder than having to say goodbye to a loved one. Whether it be a parent, a child, a friend or a pet – it’s a horrible thing to have to do. So when one woman found out her 14-year-old Parson Russell Terrier had terminal cancer, she wanted to create a dog’s bucket list for him before he had to go.

Jack had been diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer in his jaw and his owners, Jeremy Miller and his wife, were devastated. That’s why they created a dog’s bucket list of things they’d love Jack to get to do before he dies.

Thankfully, they just checked off one of the big items on the list with help from the Wilmington Police Department in North Carolina.

Jeremy adopted Jack when he was just 2-years-old and he’s lived with them ever since for 12 beautiful years. But they knew they had to give their beloved pet the best send-off before he passed.

“We decided to celebrate his life rather than be depressed waiting for him to pass away because of all the years of joy and happiness he’s given us. He’s proving that despite looking down this loaded barrel we call cancer that he too can go out happy and positive rather than sad and scared.”

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When the Wilmington Police Department caught wind of Jack’s story, they decided to grant one of his wishes. They let Jack become an honourary K9 officer for the day.

The police officers wanted to help complete this dog’s bucket list by making him a K9 officer for the day

“When we saw Jack’s story on the local news, many of our officers were touched. Then we saw his actual bucket list, which included taking a ride in a patrol car. We were excited that we could be a part of Jack’s journey and help make his final days memorable.”

Jeremy and his wife were utterly thrilled and humbled by the kindness of the police department who gave Jack a very special day.

“He is a rare special little man — wife says [he’s] my mini-me. He’s fearless. Beyond fearless. He has never backed down from anything.”

You can check out more items on Jack’s bucket list here. We hope he has enough time to tick more of them off

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