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Tiny Ballerina Forgets Her Routine, Dad Jumps Up On Stage To Help Her Finish In Style

By - 4th June 2018

Dad’s can be pretty awesome human beings. Sure, their parenting styles can vary from person to person, but overall they look out for their children. Some like to embarrass their kids, others are happy to embarrass themselves. But I’m sure most of us wouldn’t expect a dad’s ballet dance to be embarrassment-free.

No parent wants to see their little ones struggle or get embarrassed. Thankfully, some dads are ready to step up and showcase their talents if it helps their tiny tots out. Afterall, a loving parent makes a happy child.

One dad’s ballet dance has become something of a sensation

At the Motion School of Dance school in Watertown, New York, a video was uploaded of one awesome dad who went above the call of duty at one of their dress rehearsals.

One dad stood front and centre on stage alongside his tiny tot. His daughter was having a spot of bother trying to remember the routine, thankfully, dad was on hand to help. But he wasn’t just there for emotional support, oh no, he’d learnt every plie, pose and dance move required.

Better yet, he did it all while holding his other baby in his arms!

dad's ballet dance

His daughter seemed much happier in her dad’s presence

This loving father didn’t care about embarrassment, he was just in it to make his daughter smile and help her in her hour of need.

Throughout the routine, the dad points his toes and moves his arms which his daughter giddily imitates. His confidence surely rubbed off on his daughter who seemed less nervous in his presence thanks to his step-by-step demonstration.

The Motion School of Dance posted the adorable video of the dad’s ballet dance on their Facebook page with the caption:

“In Motion Dads are the best 💕 Sometimes, you simply need your dad on stage to help bring out your inner ballerina!”

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